Highlands Motorsport Newsletter

January 21, 2019

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The latest Highlands Motorsport Park Newsletter featured a good mention about Breen, who are building one of the first apartments at the park…

Things are hotting up in the Highlands Innovation & Technology Park, with two of the first builds underway, one of which belongs to Steve Lyttle & Carolyn Ball. We caught up with them recently to find out how the build was going and what helped them make the decision to set down some roots in Cromwell.


You’ve chosen Breen as your construction company, obviously they had a lot to do with Highlands, was that a consideration when choosing your contractors?

We were attracted to Breen as the main contractor for the building based on the quality of workmanship in the Highlands Museum and recommendations from previous clients. It’s been a dream experience working with Breen, they have exceeded our expectation every step of the way so far and we are looking forward to the day when we can host the team from Breen that have worked on the house and their families to a house warming.

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